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What is Torchlight II?

Torchlight II is a fast-paced, fun-filled action RPG from Runic Games. Torchlight II returns to the world of the award-winning action RPG Torchlight, to tell the story of what became of the heroes from the original game—through the eyes of all-new heroes. Torchlight II expands the world of Torchlight and incorporates the most-requested features from players of the original game, including online or LAN multiplayer!

What is the story?

Years ago, the Heroes of Torchlight saved the world from the ancient evil, Ordrak. Now someone has stolen the essence of his power, and is using it to siphon off the power of the world's elemental Guardians. After witnessing the destruction wrought by this terrible artifact, the players begin a quest to stop the villain's insane plan and restore balance to the six elements. The trail leads from the beleaguered Estherian Steppes, through the war-torn Mana Wastes, and finally the haunted ruins of an ancient dwarven civilization, before descending to a realm where no mortal has set foot for thousands of years—and where an even more terrible evil struggles to unleash itself upon the world.

How is Torchlight II different from the first game?

The most exciting new feature of Torchlight II is the multiplayer component. Play with friends old and new, using the free matchmaking service. Together you'll discover expansive outdoor areas and ominous caverns; random dungeons teem with a huge variety of all new monsters and villains, powerful magical loot, and quests to complete. Journey through vastly differing locales, enjoying all-new weather features, time-of-day events, and a new and more deeply developed story.

When will it be released, how much will it cost, and where can I get it?

Torchlight II is available now for $19.99 USD, the same price as the first game, as a digital download from and through Steam.

How big is Torchlight II compared to the first game?

It's hard to quantify exactly, but Torchlight II is a much bigger game, with vast overland areas and multiple town hubs.

Is modding still allowed in Torchlight II?

Yes! TorchED, the Torchlight editor, will be made public soon after release. With this software, players will have the ability to create their own mods, adding even more content to the world.

Can I join a multiplayer game with my solo character, and vice versa?

There is no distinction between solo and multiplayer characters, so you'll be able to level up offline and join your friends online.

Can I change the appearance of my character beyond picking a class?

Yes! You can customize your hair color, skin color, and gender -- or you can have the computer randomly select an appearance for you.

Which platforms will Torchlight II be released on?

Torchlight II is available now for PC. We also plan to do a Mac port. No console or Linux releases are planned at this time.

What are the system requirements for Torchlight II?

OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: x86-compatible 1.4GHz or faster processor
Memory: 1GB System RAM
Hard Disk Space: 1.2GB free space (subject to change)
Video Card: DirectX compatible 3D graphics card with at least 256MB of addressable memory.
DirectX®: 9.0c

Who is Runic Games?

Runic Games, located in Seattle, is a veteran team composed of the designers and leads of projects including Diablo, Diablo II, Mythos, Fate, and Torchlight, which won the Game Developer's Choice Award for Best Debut of 2009.



GUTS - the Torchlight II editor, is out now! To learn how to get started with mod-making, please visit our documentation wiki.

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